Dialogue Pre-release

Dialogue Album Pre-Release

dialogue_cd_cover_artTone Poems – Strange and Beautiful Conversations
Dialogue is a collection of seventeen tone poems, short musical compositions by Joseph Liberti, that depict scenes in a story of a growing relationship.  The principal characters are flute and cello and many of the pieces resemble a conversation. Sometimes the voices are in beautiful harmony and sometimes they speak in contrast. Joseph Liberti, primarily a jazz musician plays flute and Norah Joy Clydesdale, music educator and classical musician plays cello. Some of the pieces sound classical, others avant-garde and some even sound somewhat like jazz.

From Fun and Games To A Finished Album
Dialogue began as a few experimental duets created for the amusement of the musicians.  Joseph and Norah enjoyed the music so much that Joseph was inspired to write enough pieces for a concert program. Dialogue debuted at Cottonwood Center For The Arts In April 2016. People enjoyed the music and many asked for a recording. Recording began in May 2016 and was completed by mid June. The album was recorded as though it were a live performance with no audience; both instruments playing together with no isolation or dubbing of parts. The album will be released for download and streaming July 15, 2016.

Available For Pre-Release Now
The Dialogue album is now available for pre-release purchase for $10. Pre-release buyers receive immediate access to Four songs from the album and will be notified when the other thirteen songs are available for download.