Dialogue – A scare, a sample and an invitation

Dialogue: Strange and beautiful music for flute and cello premieres Friday April 22, 7:00 PM in the David H. Lord Theater at Cottonwood Center for The Arts

We got a scare last week when Norah was hospitalized with pneumonia. I am delighted to tell you Norah is well and rested and excited to play. We just had a rehearsal and both of us love and enjoy playing this original music.

We invite you to join us in enjoying the conversation. Here’s a sample: If You Please is a kind of getting acquainted dance, one of a group of pieces about a developing relationship.

This is one of the “classical” pieces. The program includes a variety of styles from classical to jazz to avant-garde. The orginal compositions feature strong melodies, rich harmonies, sharp and subtle contrasts and a variety of rhythmic styles from baroque to swing to tango.

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