Ladder To The Moon

What’s Up With FluteDaddy?

FluteDaddy - Music that inspires and entertainsI hope you are well and happy and enjoying our fresh spring! It’s Joseph here and yes, I have been out of touch for a several months. I am very well, thank you and have some news about a special project – Ladder To The Moon.

Where Ya Been?
We took a break from conducting the Jazz Soiree last summer and FluteDaddy got very busy performing corporate gigs. Then, creative lightning struck and I immersed myself in developing new music. At that same time I decided to re-invent my music and hone new performance skills.

A Musical Hermit
I stopped visiting Facebook, enrolled in classes, hired some music development coaches and have been a virtual shut-in spending day and night studying music, composing, arranging and practicing new methods. Soon I will be able to share some new music with you in some free concerts and in a special program.

A Love Affair With Georgia
Until July 2014, I had admired some of Georgia O’Keeffe’s artwork but had slim knowledge of the amazing artist. When I learned that the Fine Arts Center was bringing an O’Keefe show to the Springs I started doing research. The more time I spent engaged with Georgia’s art the more smitten I became. When I learned more about the amazing person she was, I fell in love. (My wife approves) I launched an O’Keeffe project and I put my passion to work

Ladder To The Moon Project
Georgia O’Keeffe sometimes painted the colors, shapes and emotions she experienced while listening to music. I decided to create a program of music, especially jazz, inspired by her art. The program Ladder To The Moon, named after one of her paintings will be presented July 9, 2015 in an exclusive performance at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center during their “Year of O’Keeffe.” If you are on our mailing list, I’ll give you a “heads up” when ticket sales begin.

Sponsor Opportunities and Perks
Ladder To The Moon will present compositions, arrangements and improvisations inspired by O’Keefe’s art. Click here to read more about Georgia O’Keeffe and the development project. You can come and enjoy this unique experience and your tax-deductible contribution will will earn you perks, including tickets to the event and the After Party.

I’ve missed you all! I hope to see you soon at one of our events, especially Ladder To the Moon!

Be well,