FluteDaddy Scat

One of the audience sent me this video of my spontaneous scat singing at Smorbrod with Mike Sunjka. A very fun night! I rarely scat but people love it and so we will add vocals and scat to future performances.

Two Sunday gigs coming up at Pikes Peak Jazz and at Cucuru where you can hear some scat and some of our latest new sounds.

Wet Paint – Not just for jazz fans

You will hear some way cool jazz in FluteDaddy concerts, but you don’t have to be a jazz lover to enjoy the music of Wet Paint. We play original music in a variety of genre’s and jazz is the special sauce.

Our Wet Paint program includes some rock and hip hop songs that combine rock and roll rhythms with bluesy jazz harmony and improvised solos. We will also play some Latin jazz tunes, think tango or cha cha with jazz guitar licks or hot sax solos. Our program includes songs that swing hard and ballads that sound like the theme songs of movies or TV shows. There are sounds for every taste and they come wrapped in story that will spark your imagination.

Join the FluteDaddy nonet for an afternoon of music and story designed to inspire.

Sunday April 7, 2:30 PM

Cottonwood Center For The Arts

Get Tickets Online or 719-520-1899

Wet Paint Tidbit

Ten Facts About Wet Paint – Music, Story and Inspiration.
Wet Paint is an interactive concert of original music and story designed to inspire. 8 days to go ’til the premiere and here’s a daily tidbit about the program.

Tidbit 3: Musical Experience Designed To Inspire
FluteDaddy leader Joseph Liberti:

“My mission is to excite and encourage people toward hope and possibility through creating and presenting music experiences that engage and inspire.

Joseph Liberti, FluteDaddy nonet

It is well known that music powerfully affects mind and body. Listening to “favorite” songs taps into our emotional memory and stimulates the release of pleasure-inducing dopamine. Even music that is new to us, if artfully constructed, can connect us to our intuition and powerfully inspire us. As Plato expressed:

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”


Join the FluteDaddy nonet for an afternoon of music and story designed to inspire.

Sunday April 7, 2:30 PM Cottonwood Center For The Arts. 719-520-1899

Wet Paint Tidbit

Wet Paint is an interactive concert of original music and story designed to inspire.

Tidbit 2: Call and Response – Musical ConversationsIn music, call-and-response is a compositional technique that works similarly to a conversation. A “phrase” of music serves as the “call,” and is “answered” by a different phrase of music. These phrases can be either vocal, instrumental, or both. You may not always recognize it but most of the music in Wet Paint has call and response. One song includes a fun vocal call and response with the audience.  Join the FluteDaddy nonet for an afternoon of music and story designed to inspire. Sunday April 7, 2:30 PM Cottonwood Center For The Arts. 
Tickets: 719-520-1899

Wet Paint Facts

Wet Paint
Ten Facts About Wet Paint – Music, Story and Inspiration.

Fact 1: Multi-instrumentalists= Many Colors

The music of Wet Paint will be performed by the FluteDaddy Nonet. (Nonet, from the Italian nonetto, a group of nine.) Because most of our nine musicians play multiple instruments proficiently. we get a very large palette of sounds with which to paint a variety of interesting tones and textures

Woodwinds: Chris Wojtecki , Tom Fowler and Joseph Liberti play soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxes plus alto and C flutes. Just that group gives us at least 30 different “colors” to paint with.

Brass: Chris Walters and Rick Crafts play trumpet, flugelhorn and trombone and use various mutes to alter their sound.

Our guitarist, Mike Sunjka adds electric, jazz and acoustic guitar sounds

Our bassist Pat Abbott plays electric bass for rock and funk tunes and acoustic bass for jazz which he also bows for orchestral sounds.

Our keyboard/synthesizer player Trip Zeigler can produce the sounds of piano, vibraphone, organ, strings and many more.

And our drummer Dave Hardin plays drums, percussion and wind chimes.

That’s at least 1000 possible combinations of sounds.

We use those sounds to make beautiful and hip jazz in cinematic, rock, Latin and swing styles.

Join us for and engaging after noon of music and story designed to inspire. Sunday April 7, 2:30 PM at Cottonwood Center For The Arts.

Wet Paint – Music Story, Inspiration

Wet Paint – Music and Story Designed To Inspire

Premieres: Sunday April 7,

We are so excited to share this experience with you! The two minute video tells the story with a song from the show as the video music.

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Wet Paint is an interactive concert of original music and story designed to inspire you. FluteDaddy Nine is an ensemble of Colorado pros who deliver an engaging performance using various combinations of woodwinds, brass, guitars, basses, piano/synthesizer, drums and percussion. Click Wet Paint on home page for details.

FluteDaddy Jazz At Motif

FluteDaddy Jazz At Motif – August 3, 2018

FluteDaddy is honored to take the stage at Motif Jazz Cafe, Colorado Springs #1 Jazz Club 8 PM Friday 8/31. FluteDaddy quartet will be premiering five of Joseph’s new compositions and playing some fresh takes on jazz standards and Brazilian jazz tunes. Joseph Liberti flutes, Adam Ohlson keys, Marc Neihof bass and Tyler Kennamer drums. Join us for for some”FluteDaddy jazz – original, beautiful and hip.”

FluteDaddy at Motif Jazz Cafe


An Extraordinary Experience of Synergy

Last night at our gig we had an extraordinary experience of synergy. After the trauma of relocating indoors to escape the rain, we started warming into our groove.  People enjoyed us and we had fun. By the third set, when many of the patrons were heading home we had built up a full head of steam. The remaining folks gathered around the band to just listen. We musicians, anchored by relationship and trust turned loose and became exuberantly creative. The more we opened up the more the listeners became engaged, and they and we, all became part of the music performance. The music was over the moon. It was the kind of experience musicians live for and fans leave home in any weather to go be a part of.  I awakened this morning thinking, that is what life can be when we are not divided by fear but rather united in joyous celebration of being.

Joseph Liberti 

Awakening With A Latin Twist

Awakening With A Latin Twist

Despertar by Joseph Liberti, was written upon awakening and has a latin twist.

Joseph Liberti, flutist, composer leader of FluteDaddyJust added to the FluteDaddy site menu is a link to Joseph Liberti’s Site and blog which features some new compositions from time to time. Today a score recording of Despertar a new latin style composition is available for streaming. Check out Joseph’s site and blogs posts and listen to some pre-performance recordings of original music.

Listen to Despertar Now.


New Music Samples

New Music Samples have been added to our Music page.

The new music samples are of Joseph Liberti with the FluteDaddy quartet and recorded in a live performance:

  1. A cool jazz rendition of Dave Brubeck’s In Your Own Sweet Way.
  2. A medium uptempo samba of Antonio Carlos Jobim’s Chega De Saudade.
  3. A special ballad version of Michel Legrand’s You Must Believe In Spring. 

You Must Believe In Spring features a gorgeous 2 minute piano solo intro followed by a piano and alto flute duet and then a final improv out chorus with the whole band. It is a little long but beautiful and the audience loved it. Here it is: