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Wet Paint – Music Story, Inspiration

Wet Paint – Music and Story Designed To Inspire

Premieres: Sunday April 7,

We are so excited to share this experience with you! The two minute video tells the story with a song from the show as the video music.

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Wet Paint is an interactive concert of original music and story designed to inspire you. FluteDaddy Nine is an ensemble of Colorado pros who deliver an engaging performance using various combinations of woodwinds, brass, guitars, basses, piano/synthesizer, drums and percussion. Click Wet Paint on home page for details.

Awakening With A Latin Twist

Awakening With A Latin Twist

Despertar by Joseph Liberti, was written upon awakening and has a latin twist.

Joseph Liberti, flutist, composer leader of FluteDaddyJust added to the FluteDaddy site menu is a link to Joseph Liberti’s Site and blog which features some new compositions from time to time. Today a score recording of Despertar a new latin style composition is available for streaming. Check out Joseph’s site and blogs posts and listen to some pre-performance recordings of original music.

Listen to Despertar Now.


We Were Hacked

We were hacked and the old FluteDaddy web site was destroyed.

Yes, The FluteDaddy Website was hacked and we lost content from the last nine years.We are slowly rebuilding. Please bear with us as we rebuild.

Joseph Liberti