Samples of FluteDaddy Music

Listen to samples of FluteDaddy music of various styles.

FluteDaddy music includes the Great American Songbook, Brazilian Jazz and originals. The group features Joseph Liberti playing multiple flutes with piano (or guitar) and bass.  We can provide groups of various sizes to meet entertainment and budget needs. (We are rebuilding our site after hacking. New samples coming soon.)

Click here for more information about leader Joseph Liberti and samples of Joseph’s new music compositions.        

Joseph Liberti with Quartet playing mellow latin.

FluteDaddy Quartet recorded live playing Dave Brubeck’s
cool swing version of In Your Own Sweet Way

FluteDaddy Quintet playing cool swing version of Sam Rivers’ Beatrice. 

FluteDaddy Quartet recorded live playing Jobim’s
Chega De Saudade samba:

FluteDaddy Quartet recorded live playing Michel Legrand’s 
You Must Believe In Spring. Featuring gorgeous piano solo intro and soulful alto flute by Joseph Liberti

Joseph Liberti on alto flute and Vice Centicola
guitar master play a lovely slow ballad.