Wet Paint Facts

Wet Paint
Ten Facts About Wet Paint – Music, Story and Inspiration.

Fact 1: Multi-instrumentalists= Many Colors

The music of Wet Paint will be performed by the FluteDaddy Nonet. (Nonet, from the Italian nonetto, a group of nine.) Because most of our nine musicians play multiple instruments proficiently. we get a very large palette of sounds with which to paint a variety of interesting tones and textures

Woodwinds: Chris Wojtecki , Tom Fowler and Joseph Liberti play soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxes plus alto and C flutes. Just that group gives us at least 30 different “colors” to paint with.

Brass: Chris Walters and Rick Crafts play trumpet, flugelhorn and trombone and use various mutes to alter their sound.

Our guitarist, Mike Sunjka adds electric, jazz and acoustic guitar sounds

Our bassist Pat Abbott plays electric bass for rock and funk tunes and acoustic bass for jazz which he also bows for orchestral sounds.

Our keyboard/synthesizer player Trip Zeigler can produce the sounds of piano, vibraphone, organ, strings and many more.

And our drummer Dave Hardin plays drums, percussion and wind chimes.

That’s at least 1000 possible combinations of sounds.

We use those sounds to make beautiful and hip jazz in cinematic, rock, Latin and swing styles.

Join us for and engaging after noon of music and story designed to inspire. Sunday April 7, 2:30 PM at Cottonwood Center For The Arts.